So, I’ve been trying to get my smart home system up and running for a while now since beginning the rewire of the new house (ahem, a couple of years ago…).

I’ve discovered a wealth of open source tools like Openhab and MQTT, which when combined with Arduino and Wiznet ethernet hardware can be used as simple networked controllers that can control lights, measure movement or temperature and report on the network.

Openhab provides the backbone for all this, has a shed load of integrations to stuff like our Onkyo reciever, Philips Hue bulbs and all sorts of things all the way to garden accessories.

Above is the first incarnation of the MQTT lighting controller, which is based on an Olimexino STM32 board with a few cheap relays and a Wiznet 5500 ethernet adapter, all housed in a consumer unit which provides all the terminal adapters required for the wires out to the ground floor lights.